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Creating Blackberry applications using the Sencha Touch 2.4

sencha touch blackberry 10

With the release of Sencha Touch 2.4 that offers some amazing features for Blackberry, we are geared to develop some great, interactive and engaging mobile apps for our clients. The new version of Sencha touch supports Blackberry 10 browser and devices. This has now helped us to offer services to those clients who required cross-platform applications that could work on  Sencha Touch Blackberry 10 browser. This latest release of Sencha Touch allows us to develop Blackberry applications that have the native touch and feel.

Now coming to the changes or the enhancements made in Sencha Touch Blackberry 10 theme with respect to development for blackberry applications. The sliderfield of the new theme has changed and now a halo appears at the around the grip. The native slider of the Blackberry device is the exact. The indexBar of this theme have also been restyled to match it with the native one. In the new index bar, the current selected index is magnified. Now the theme provides a chance for users to see and check the password they are typing. This function can reduce failed login attempts and even help in identifying the hackers.

When we developed Applications for Blackberry devices using the Sencha 2.4, we got amazing feedback from our clients. They were completely amazed by the fact that our HTML5 Application development exactly matched to the native theme of Blackberry. One other important feature that has been added to the Sencha touch framework is the ability to detect the screen size and set the app accordingly. This allows us to build an app for a single device of blackberry as it can run on other devices as well.

We are very happy with the new features that has been added to Sencha Touch 2.4 to make Blackberry applications better.