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Sencha 2.1 providing the right meaning to Cross-App Development

Cross-App Development

Yesterday on 28th October, 2014 Sencha announced the latest release of its Sencha Space which is a secure application management platform. The version 1.2 of this software has been released which has been turned out to be a great moment of joy for our developer team as well as thousands of other Sencha developers present all over the world.

By using Sencha Space, our developers would be able to create applications that run seamlessly on not only tablets and smartphones but desktops and laptops as well. Previously our developers had to focus on two different sections, firstly for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, and secondly for desktops and laptops. But with the availability of this platform we can focus all, our energy toward this unified and single development approach. This would help organizations to reduce data protection issues, unnecessary compliance reporting needs, sky rocket development cost and unnecessary friction between two development teams.

The top four features of this Sencha 2.1 release that would prove to be extremely beneficial for our organization are:

  • Desktop and Client application: Now enterprises can use a single integrated platform to deploy applications to all types of devices irrespective of the screen sizes and the processing speeds. Now our developers can easily deploy, debug and manage mobile applications for all devices using a single platform.
  • Remote Debugging functionality: With help of the remote debugging facility offered by Sencha Space 1.2, our developers would now be able to test apps faster and efficiently.
  • New APIs for help: The new developer APIs that are available is a great help for our developers to add those extra functionality to applications.
  • Custom run-time: With the chromium based runtime across all 4.x and higher devices, this platform tries to reduce the burden on the Android.

And with the 30 day trial offer, our developers have a chance to give a try on Sencha Space 2.1.  

Some Bizarre Myths Associated With Html5 based Sencha App Development

html5 mobile app

Today, cross-platform mobile applications are becoming popular day by day. Businesses around the world are looking for a cost-effective alternative of native app development. But there are certain myths associated with Sencha mobile app development which is really hampering its growth.

So here is an attempt to demystify those things and provide a better and clear picture to you.

Sencha Mobile Apps are not of good quality: Most of the people believe that cross-platform lacks in quality and can never match up with the native apps. But this is absolutely wrong. With major improvements in the HTML5, now you can get apps that give strong competition to native apps.

Lack hardware access features: There has always been a debate regarding access of hardware features like Geo-location, Camera and touch features. But with native packaging features these things are becoming easier like a cake-walk.

Sencha apps have lousy performance: It is one of the biggest myths surrounding HTML5 application development that apps do not perform well. A number of high performance and popular mobile apps are present in the market, that have been built using Sencha touch.

Sencha Apps take more time to develop: This is not at all true, as the time incurred in development of Sencha app is almost similar to other native apps. All you need is to find an experienced developer and get the cross-platform app created.

It’s high time that people should clear all their doubts regarding Sencha touch and  HTML5 application development.

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