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Sencha GXT 4 helping Java Web Developers to build Web Apps

Sencha brings good news for Java developers in the form of its new framework known as Sencha GXT 4. This is the tool that allows them to boost their desktop applications to the Mobile or Tablet devices.



This complete Java framework helps the developers in moving their HTML5 applications for the desktop to the mobile platform. Sencha GXT 4 provide the facility of feeding data to the application to the developers. For this, they include JSON, RPC, and request factory to the framework.

Sencha’s senior director of product management Gautam Agrawal said that “Java ecosystem is now stronger than ever,” “By introducing mobile and tablet support, we’re building on that strength by enabling our developer community to easily deliver robust Java-based HTML5 applications on modern devices that provide the right user experience, on the right device, at the right time.”

The Touchscreen device backing in GXT 4 includes various features are mentioned below:

-Touch Scroller

The touch sensitive devices improves the browser scrolling, which in turn gives a good user experience. Touch Scroller will make the navigation easy and will help to perform task timely and easily.

-Gesture Recognizers

It allows developers to create the logical gestures. These gestures broadly include the Double Tap and Long Press.

-Touch-fit components

The touch screen device is used to enhance respond to touch and gestures. Through this touch-fit components, it is not necessary for the developers to update their application code.

Thus, this new Sencha GXT 4 will prove beneficial for the Java web developers. Now they can easily build apps for the Mobile or Tablet devices. This gives them the opportunity to expand their app on the touch-screen devices.

Sencha Launches Visual Studio Plug-In, Joins the Microsoft Ecosystem

Sencha Visual Studio Plug-In, Joins the Microsoft Ecosystem

Sencha has announced that it is now a premier level partner of the Microsoft Visual ecosystem. And to support this partnership it has launched an early access version to its much awaited Visual Studio Plug-in. The plugin allows the developers to use the Sencha Touch frameworks within their Integration Development Environment. The plugin uses the Microsoft’s standard VSIX file extension for installation on compatible versions of Visual Studio. It is compatible with Ext JS 4.2 and later versions.
Apart from the Visual Studio Plugin, the Sencha also launched its Eclipse Plugin. Both these plugins were launched at the Microsoft Visual Studio Live Event which took place between 16-20 November in Orlando, Florida. At the event, Sencha touch demonstrated how the combination of Microsoft Visual Studio and Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management platform can be used to simplify and speed up the design and development of HTML5 applications.

The launch of this Visual Studio plugin will help .Net developers to get an efficient set of tools using Sencha Touch which would enable them to create sophisticated web applications that can not just run on mobile but on tablets and desktop as well. The plugins help to deliver a consistent code completion experience for the ASP.NET web application projects for Sencha Ext JS inside the Visual Studio. It will also enable Microsoft developers to easily navigate through the network and create custom classes.

Developers are looking for better options to create mobile applications and the launch of this plugin is the first initiative of the Sencha Touch to work together with Microsoft and create wonderful applications.

Sencha favors one JavaScript code for Web and Mobile with the new Sencha Ext JS 6.0release

Sencha favors one JavaScript code for Web and Mobile with the new Sencha Ext JS 6.0release


Sencha Ext JS 5.0 has the anomaly that it don’t support smartphones. So Sencha Inc. is coming up with its latest version that target the cross-platform app using JavaScript.

The company is amalgamating its two development tools into one package, that takes the Web App to various mobile devices like tablets and smartphone from the desktop.

The new creation of Sencha Inc. is Sencha Ext JS 6.0. It is a JavaScript application framework that will combine with Sencha Touch enabling developers to use JavaScript for mobile app development.

The best thing about this combined package is that it will not only support to the smartphone but also support both the pattern MVC and MVVM.

Sencha through its Sencha Ext JS 6.0 promises developers to move their application from traditional devices like the desktop to the modern touch-screen devices like tablets and to the smartphones platform including Android, Windows, iOS, BlackBerry without any inconvenience.

In the enterprises world, the most reappearing problem is developing and maintaining application across multiple platforms at a reasonable cost.

Now Sencha gives a golden opportunity to enterprises to develop the wide range of applications using JavaScript at an affordable cost. It provides a vast library of UI and other components required for its functionality. It also uses its Sencha CMD lifecycle management tool to develop an app in Native format.

So this is a good news for all developers who wanted to the extend their JavaScript application from desktop to touch screen platform now can easily do that with Sencha Ext JS 6.0. It provides a complete solution for enhancing the Mobile app development process by combining HTML 5 with JavaScript.