mobile app development

The number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly which is indeed a very good news for every business. Now you can easily reach customers through mobile and app is the best way to do so.

There are a number of purposes which your app can serve, it can help you promote your brand, it can provide information about recent offers and discounts going on, it can connect you with customers, and even allow to sell your products. Sky is the limit for the things which you can achieve through a well-built mobile app.

Here are those 5 simple rules which will help you to design a great mobile app:

  • User-friendliness: Always remember that the design should be user-friendly. Instead of devoting your time and energy to make it look beautiful, attractive and amazing, you should focus on developing a mobile app that people find easy to access and use. Instead of cluttering the pages with numerous features and functions, add only the necessary elements.
  • Menus: One thing which you must keep in mind while developing the menus is that the fewer the options the better the menu. Limit the number of options you provide in the menu, as it confuses the users.
  • Immediacy: Mobile devices are mostly used by consumers when they need immediate access to some data, information or services. So design your app keeping this immediacy in consideration. The loading speed of your app should be fast as users want information at a moment’s notice.
  • Keep the user expectations in mind: Users always have more expectation regarding a mobile app as compared to a website because it is specially built for the mobile device. Try to understand what people are expecting from your app. How it can offer help to consumers which your mobile website cannot offer? Answer these question before starting the design.
  • Try to make maximum use of the features of the phone: It is always good to play on your strengths. Mobile device provides you access to a lot of sensors like GPS, compass, camera and touch which is hardly available for desktop. So try to maximize the use of these features in your app design to make it more powerful.

These may not be the conventional rules of designing but if you incorporate it in your mobile app design, the results will be wonderful.