hybrid iOS app development

Most of the people feel that developing a hybrid iOS app is a very tricky thing and even when you create it with so much of a hassle the results are not the same as offered by a native app. But the real picture is quite different. Firstly developing a hybrid HTML5 based app for an iPhone devices is very simple. In fact, it is much easier to develop a hybrid app rather than a native one. Secondly, if you develop a hybrid app intelligently it can work better than a native app.

The basic structure of a hybrid app remains the same. First you need to develop a simple web-based application using HTML5 and other web technologies. Once this core section is developed, then you need to move forward to the next step. Here you will be developing two important sections for your hybrid app.

Let’s dig in deep, what these two sections are: 

  • Native Shell:

Like every hybrid app, a native shell is created around the web-view core which allow users to access these applications like a normal native app. This native wrapping must be done smartly to provide better feel to the users. Just implement few stylistic differences, that allows you to create an aura for users that they are working on a native app.

  •  Native navigation:

The power of native navigation is very incredible and can help any hybrid app to be welcomed wholeheartedly by the users. Add native menus to your HTML5 views, in order to provide a better feel to the users.

You don’t need any huge changes to be made in the code to transform a web-based app to hybrid app. Just keep these little things in mind, and you will be ready to allow users finding your app in the iTunes store.