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5 simple rules for mobile apps design

The number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly which is indeed a very good news for every business. Now you can easily reach customers through mobile and app is the best way to do so. There are a number of purposes which your app can serve, it can help you promote your brand, it can… Read More »

How can I develop a hybrid iOS app?

Most of the people feel that developing a hybrid iOS app is a very tricky thing and even when you create it with so much of a hassle the results are not the same as offered by a native app. But the real picture is quite different. Firstly developing a hybrid HTML5 based app for… Read More »

Some Bizarre Myths Associated With Html5 based Sencha App Development

Today, cross-platform mobile applications are becoming popular day by day. Businesses around the world are looking for a cost-effective alternative of native app development. But there are certain myths associated with Sencha mobile app development which is really hampering its growth. So here is an attempt to demystify those things and provide a better and… Read More »