The most difficult part of getting any multi device application is to create the right user interface. The aim is to quickly build an application that looks good on every kind of device while keeping the costs under control. Therefore, Sencha has developed a great framework in keeping mind the requirements if the developers and the organizations requiring a mobile app.


Sencha Ext JS6 JavaScript Framework is a great tool for programmers those who are looking forward to developing web applications for smartphone, tablets and desktops. It is one of the widely used platforms to get the so called universal apps build.

The Sencha Ext JS6 JavaScript Framework make use of the user interface widget to create HTML5 forms, toolbars, and menus. The layout manager of this widget helps to display the content across all screen sizes in a great way. While developing the user interface for a universal app, one should try to keep things as simple as possible. Trying to do much, usually spoils the game.

Sencha Ext JS6 JavaScript Framework has got great appreciation for all corners. Especially the large enterprise development teams that are engaged into the creation of business apps are quite happy with this framework. Sencha is the organization that has been working deliberately to make multi-device app development easy and efficient.

Though the Sencha Ext JS6 JavaScript Framework is about 20% more expensive than the previous version. And developers are required to purchase a minimum of five licenses. Despite these two hindrance, Sencha Ext JS6 is still a great option for those who want to create an app that looks good on tablets, smartphone, and desktops.