hybrid apps

The major challenge for a mobile developer is how to retain the native look in a hybrid app. There is a possibility that it might get rejected by the app store, it does not reflect the native qualities.

Here are a few tips on how you retain the nativeness in a hybrid mobile app :-

  • Bring a native feeling among user- The users never understand the technicality involved in making the cross platform mobile. They will just demand an app, which will give him enough native look. Moreover, having a single code does not necessarily mean that it will look like similar on all the platforms. In this respect, the developer should take help of the design guidelines available for different platforms. These guidelines will provide you an idea about the user’s expectations on every platform. However, it may not work equally for all kinds of app.
  • Choosing the header bar- It is important to choose a header bar in the UI which reflects enough native look. For that, you must use the same DOM at all the platforms you want to build your app. It helps you to give cleaner code. It is easy to do with Android or iOS platforms while it may be difficult to achieve on Windows platform. To get information on native looking header bar on different platforms, you use Js Fiddle.
  • High-resolution screen design- Your app must support high-resolution screens, those used in smartphones and tablets. It must be able to deliver all the attributes of a high-resolution screen. This is one of the demands of responsive design to support images at proper dimensions across all types of screens. You can check CSS background images and media queries for better guidance.
  • System fonts can help- This way, you can satisfy your users by using system fonts. They are available for all platforms that give users a home like feeling.
  • Maximizing performance– This is one of the challenges that a hybrid mobile app faces across every platform. If you are using older versions, then you might get performance problems at frequent intervals, especially if your app has heavy animation features or a large scrolling list. But if your app is based on newer platform versions like Android 4+, iOS7 and windows phone 8+, performance will never be a problem. The performance depends on how hard you have worked on the JavaScript, DOM, and CSS selectors and all the relevant aspects. You can get information online on the performance of a mobile app and work accordingly.

A lot of other ways like maintaining the right scrolling, increasing the speed, using touch features, you can give your hybrid app a native look.