Hurry up! Upgrade your Sencha Touch App to Ext JS 6

As we know that large number of customers who are seeking for a change in mobile or tablet application. So to give an innovative appearance to your mobile app, it is essential to upgrade your Sencha Touch App to Ext JS 6.


So today in this blog we will guide about how you can update your app to Ext JS 6. This instruction jaunts you through the most crucial advancement and impact on upgrading your app.

Here we will also discuss the changes done due to the upgradation in App. Those who have used Ext JS 5+ can easily operate Ext JS 6.

Why Ext JS 6 over Sencha Touch?

Now the question arises that why it is essential to switch your preference to Ext JS 6 from Sencha?
It is true that Ext JS has more progressive features than Sencha Touch. As Sencha overture you to compose desktop applications easily and now you can easily build advanced mobile apps.

It is just an approach where theory from Sencha Touch 2 is amalgamated in the Ext JS 5. So if you want to create mobile apps, be it universal or just mobile app we will suggest you to go for Ext JS 6. Because Ext JS 6 looks different than the Sencha Touch in terms of theming.

What is so Unique in Ext JS 6?

Ext JS 6 is sharpened than Sencha Touch. Let examine the new features in Ext JS 6 as to Sencha Touch.

✔Elementary updates

In this, there is no modification to the MVVM pattern. This helps you to view the current mobile framework version. Ext JS 6 o0ffers you the various new theme package structures and themes like Neptune and Triton Theme. Moreover, it leads to less code writing work and make the task easier and faster. It enables the user to run his/her mobile app on the desktop computer too. It offers the exclusive fonts and versatile Integration that provide worth to the app.

✔Progressive updates

In this update, there is a modification to the MVVM architecture pattern. This upgrade enables users to use ViewControllers and ViewModels. This VCs and VMs has a tendency to improvise your app performance. It involves less code writing practice and make it simpler to control the app. It offers the facility of Databinding.

✔Universal updates

The Universal updates avow users to build cross-platform apps for both mobile and desktop. The best feature about Ext JS 6 that it support Internet Explorer 8 and modern browsers.

What are the changes in the API?

There are lots of changes has been done. So we have compiled the Ext JS 6 API changes here:

  • Sencha Touch has the controller.launches() methods in Ext6.
  • In Ext JS 6 you just need to put properties in configure blocks.
    With this, it is your choice to keep or clean up configure blocks.

What should do to upgrade the Mobile?

For the quick and basic mobile updates, you can refer to the link given below. This link will give you the overview of basic mobile updates. With this, you can also explore how to update your mobile app using Ext JS 6 in below link.

So here we have canvassed the benefits of using Ext JS 6 over Sencha Touch in detail. Hope this blog will help you out in updating your Sencha Touch App to Ext JS 6.