Sencha favors one JavaScript code for Web and Mobile with the new Sencha Ext JS 6.0release


Sencha Ext JS 5.0 has the anomaly that it don’t support smartphones. So Sencha Inc. is coming up with its latest version that target the cross-platform app using JavaScript.

The company is amalgamating its two development tools into one package, that takes the Web App to various mobile devices like tablets and smartphone from the desktop.

The new creation of Sencha Inc. is Sencha Ext JS 6.0. It is a JavaScript application framework that will combine with Sencha Touch enabling developers to use JavaScript for mobile app development.

The best thing about this combined package is that it will not only support to the smartphone but also support both the pattern MVC and MVVM.

Sencha through its Sencha Ext JS 6.0 promises developers to move their application from traditional devices like the desktop to the modern touch-screen devices like tablets and to the smartphones platform including Android, Windows, iOS, BlackBerry without any inconvenience.

In the enterprises world, the most reappearing problem is developing and maintaining application across multiple platforms at a reasonable cost.

Now Sencha gives a golden opportunity to enterprises to develop the wide range of applications using JavaScript at an affordable cost. It provides a vast library of UI and other components required for its functionality. It also uses its Sencha CMD lifecycle management tool to develop an app in Native format.

So this is a good news for all developers who wanted to the extend their JavaScript application from desktop to touch screen platform now can easily do that with Sencha Ext JS 6.0. It provides a complete solution for enhancing the Mobile app development process by combining HTML 5 with JavaScript.