Sencha Ext JS 5.1.1

The Sencha team has announced the release of Ext JS 5.1.1, which comes with several improved features and many bug fixing options for a better development. The team has thanked every users and developers who have long been waited for the arrival.

Ext JS 5.1.1 comes with new features, which are discussed below-

    • A Lazyitems plugin restricts the initiation of undelivered item child components.
    •  Grid cell editors will be now supporting Ext. Widget classes as editors. Sencha Extension JS has high performance widgets, that are designed to fit the needs of simple as well as complex web solutions. These widgets includes grids, trees, toolbars, menus, panels,etc. In this version, the grid cell editors will support these widgets.
    •  The axis and series of this version will now support name listeners and will properly send them to the appropriate controller.
    •  Border layout splitters will now be interacted with your keyword items for easy use.
    •  This version helps to avoid memory leak with XML reader using, ‘keep raw data configuration’. The memory leak was an issue noticed with the Internet Explorer while holding XML documents.


Ext JS 5.1.1 comes with over 300 bug fixing options, concerning to grids, forms, data, charts and the core package. Ext JS, being the popular JavaScript tool helps developers to build powerful cross platform web applications. It uses HTML5 features on modern browsers while supporting the old browsers.

All the Sencha users and builders are delighted over the release as it will help to overcome many of the issues found with the earlier version 5.1.0. Many of the users had complained about encountering difficulties while operating with the earlier version and was urging for a solution. Now, coming of this version will bring a sigh of relief for the users and developers as well.