hybrid mobile app


First you heard of native apps, then web based apps came into existence and finally the world came to know about the third other type, Hybrid apps. The famous lines “he came, he saw, he conquered” justifies the immense success of this third world of mobile app development. And the important thing to note is that this success is not temporary and is ought to stay for a long-time.

Here are some of the reasons which prove that Hybrid apps will be winner in the final race:

  • Today the number of mobile platforms are rapidly increasing. For the starting years of mobile app development, programmers were majorly focused on iOS and Android. But today the scene has entirely changed. Today the target audience is spread over a wide range of platforms and reaching them without compromising the quality can only be achieved through hybrid apps.
  • The second reason is that, Hybrid app is the only economically feasible option where you can create an app that could be accessed through various platforms, and have app store presence at the same time. The presence on the app stores not only increases the visibility of an app but also builds a positive impression on the minds of the user.
  • Hybrid app bridges the gap between the native and web based mobile applications. It extracts the best of both app development type to create something more meaningful.
  • Today the use of apps is not just limited to mobile and tablets, as several other computing platforms are entering the market. There are smart TV’s, wearable gadgets, and media appliances in the market. Developing application for each device can turn out to be a great time consuming task, So in this case hybrid app seems to be the most practical solution.
  • With the current pace of technical evolution, it is becoming difficult for app developers to keep in pace. Security, maintenance, management and over a hundreds of other stuffs are need to be handled by the developer. In this scenario popular hybrid app frameworks like Sencha and PhoneGap helps these developers to create powerful applications with ease. These frameworks are attracting more and more app developers to go for hybrid app development.

Undoubtedly, the hybrid app is the future and therefore you should also get a one developed for your business.